Tips For Picking A Wedding Venue

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Tips For Picking A Wedding Venue

So you’re engaged. Congratulations! Now, you need to plan your wedding and the first thing you must do is pick date range. Afterwards, you can select a venue for your blessed day.


The venue you choose will set the stage for your wedding and create a tone in which you can plan your event around. With all the choices available to you, the task will seem daunting. Hopefully, we can shed some light on questions to ask and things to consider. The least of which is what venue will make for the most beautiful pictures to cherish for a lifetime.


You will need to determine if your wedding will be large or small. Will it take place indoors or outside. Is the tone you want to set more elegant or casual? By answering these question and others, you and your financee will be able to find the right venue from the myriad of choices available to you. 


The next order of business is determining the number of guests you wish to attend. This will help you choose the size of the  venue you should be looking for in order to decide on the perfect location. It is important that you do not merely conceive of a vague number of guests. You don’t want to be down the road and realize your venue will not fit your guests count. Give serious consideration to what family members and friends you can realistically invite to your wedding. 


Next, you will need to consider your location options. Will you tie the knot in your hometown? Can all your family members afford the time and expense to travel?  Or is a destination wedding more your style? This would influence the number of guests you invite. A destination will then require you to consider travel and accommodations arrangements.  


Nothing more influences the style of wedding you are going for than deciding whether your event will take place indoors or outside. From a photographer’s stand point, there are several things you might want to consider when making this choice. 


Perhaps you want to get married in a church or a beautiful building you are both fond of. An important consideration is the backgrounds that will be the canvas in which your photographer will pose you against. Are there archways and other architectural elements to frame you in your wedding attire? Does this church have beautiful stain glass and a stage in which the ceremony will take place? Perhaps there is a sweeping landscape through a window that will serve as a backdrop. Try to imagine what kind of pictures you wish to treasure for years to come.


Outdoor weddings are another popular choice for a venue. A beautiful pergola with exquisite floral arrangements can frame the two of you as you stand before the minster. A beach can provide a grand tranquil backdrop. But nothing influences your pictures more than natural light. Done right, the sun can provide golden tones that wash over skin tones so you will look your best. However, the time of day you select will determine the quality of light. When the sun is low on the horizon, the atmosphere acts as a giant soft box that smooths out tones of light. So choosing a time for your event as close as possible to sunrise or sunset is preferable. The closer to noon when the sun is at its apex will cause problems in relationship to the quality of light. Because of the angle of the sun, dark shadows will appear under the eyes and nose. There are methods the photographer can use to mitigate these unflattering shadows. However, it may limit the shooting locations at your venue. Shooting when the sun is low on the horizon provides the best quality of light and choice of backgrounds. This may influence the date and time that a venue has available.


Lastly, you must consider the style of wedding you wish to plan. Are you looking for a more formal setting? Perhaps a church as a backdrop and a grand ballroom for your reception is the right choice for you. Or maybe you want something more rustic. A barnlike or ranch venue may fit the bill. Want something more casual? Choose a beach, forest or other natural setting. The style of wedding you choose will set the stage for the types of décor and floral arrangement you might select.


After all these considerations, hopefully you can determine a budget and begin to narrow down the dates for your marriage. Then you can begin to conduct a web search for prospective venues followed by reaching out to them for details and availability.


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