Preparing For a Portrait

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Preparing For a Portrait

Eric Edge Photography is a full service studio that conducts portraits for families, high school seniors, and fashion models. Now that you have decided on a portrait, we will endeavor to make you look your best.  Here are a few tips to ensure you get exactly what you want. 


First, we will need to be in agreement about the location. This will set the tone of your photograph. Do you wish to be set against a natural setting at a park or in your backyard? Be aware, if you wish to be photographed in a location that requires payment for entry like a city garden there will likely be an extra cost involved. This cost will be rolled into the price of your portrait. Perhaps you wish to be photographed in an indoor studio. Eric Edge Photography does not own a professional studio. However, such facilities can be rented. Again this cost will be rolled into the price for your portrait. 


The quality of light greatly influences how skin tones and facial contours are represented to make you look your best. Outdoors you will have the advantage of being in natural sunlight. Done right, the sun can provide golden tones that wash over skin tones. However, the time of day you select will determine the quality of light. When the sun is low on the horizon, the atmosphere acts as a giant soft box that smooths out tones of light. So choosing a time for your portrait as close as possible to sunrise or sunset is preferable. The closer to noon when the sun is at its apex will cause problems in relationship to the quality of light. Because of the angle of the sun, dark shadows will appear under the eyes and nose. There are methods the photographer can use to mitigate these unflattering shadows. However, it may limit the shooting locations at your venue. Shooting when the sun is low on the horizon provides the best quality of light and choice of backgrounds. In an indoor studio, the photographer will have a wide variety of professional lights and soft boxes. This controlled environment offers an excellent choice to ensure you look your best.


For your portrait, you will need to consider your wardrobe. For a cohesive family portrait, you may want to all wear complimentary colors. Clothes should be pressed and looking their best. Depending on the portrait package you choose, Eric Edge Photography will allow for wardrobe changes. 


For ladies especially, makeup will greatly influence the quality of the picture taken. As a client, you must decide if you wish to do your makeup yourself or hire a makeup artist. Eric Edge Photography has professional makeup artists skilled at their job that he can subcontract. They can be hired for an additional cost to your portrait package.


If you follow these tips, you will be prepared for your photo session that will create a memory that will last a lifetime.


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