Choosing A Wedding Photographer

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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

So you’re engaged. Congratulations! Perhaps you have selected a venue, arranged for floral arrangements and other decorations. These things are fleeting once your wedding is done. You will want someone to capture the memories of your special day. That’s where a professional photographer comes into play. Here are a few tips in picking a photographer to ensure your needs are met.


First, what style of photography is suitable to your event. Do you want a more photojournalistic style that captures those little moments getting ready, for the ceremony and at the reception? A good eye for composition, finding un-posed situations and clicking the camera at just the right poignant moment is critical.   Are you looking for a photographer that treats your portraits like a fashion shoot? Then you are seeking a photographer with the proper portrait experience and lighting to do so. Are you looking for a more traditional photographer who is skilled in posed shots? You will need to find an expert in large groups poses and who ensures everyone looks their best. Defining the photographer’s style is best assessed by viewing their portfolio.


Does your photographer have professional equipment? Your uncle may be a camera buff but are you willing to ensure your special day to someone who may lack professional equipment and experience? A professional will keep up with the latest technological trends and equip themselves properly. He or she should have long lens so they do not interrupt the ceremony and can remain at a distance. In some cases, particularly in a church ceremony, flashes may not be allowed. Your photographer will need the right camera to deal with these potentially low-lighting indoor settings. They also should have a wide array of lens and accessories to best capture the little moments throughout the day. Unfortunately, the outside chance that technology will fail is always a possibility. Every good professional photographer should have backup equipment in the event that their primary setup malfunctions.


Another question to ask your photographer is if he subcontracts a second shooter. This can be another insurance policy in case equipment fails . It also offers you a wide array of pictures to choose from. A photographer can only be in one place at a time. A second shooter allows for greater coverage in a variety of locations. Your primary photographer could be capturing images of the bride getting ready while the second shooter photographs the groomsman in preparation. When it comes to posed shots, a second shooter can also speed up the process. They will be able to wrangle family members for group shots and assist with moving lighting equipment.


Most important to your search is a good personality fit. Do you get along with your photographer or even like them. Every professional should insist on a pre-wedding meeting. There you can get to know one another in addition to going over details of your wedding and contract concerns.


If you follow these tips, you’ll have the proper parameters to narrow your search and know what questions to ask a potential photographer. Then you can be confident that your photographer will handle the details of securing memories of your blessed day. 

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